The USDA regulates a number of products imported into the U.S. ranging from flowers to food products.  

In order to import these goods, an application for import permit may be required.  

Without proper permits goods would not be allowed into the U.S. leading to costly delays in port and/or spoilage of the goods. 

We can identify required permits and either guide you through or file the permit application on your behalf.


The Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species is regulated by a division of the US Fish and Wildlife.  

Many articles imported into the U.S. are not subject to CITES regulations but many antiques or collectors’ items may contain ivory, mother of pearl or other materials that may require a CITES declaration such as furniture containing certain types of hardwoods.  

If you think your article may be subject to CITES as it contains an animal or plant product please contact us so we can confirm its applicability and resolution.


The Lacey Act was implemented on May 25, 1900 and amended in 2008.  

The Acts primary focus is to prevent the traffic of illegally sourced plants and plant material. Specifically lumber sourced and used in many applications. 

We can help you understand whether the Lacey Act applies to your products and assist you in completing the Lacey Act Declarations.