United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The EPA in the United States regulates all products that control, mitigate, repel or destroy pests.  These pests could be anything from fleas, ticks, bacteria, viruses and mold.  The EPA operates under the published regulations of The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).  Regulated products include “Pesticide Devices” such as air filters, sonic repellants, traps. Products that make claims of antimicrobial effect or even pet shampoos.

Any product imported and sold in the U.S. market must either be registered with the EPA or qualify for an exemption to the regulations.  In addition to federal regulations each individual state Department of Agriculture also requires that products be registered. We can help with “EPA Establishment Registration”, “US EPA Agent Services”, “Product registration”, or  “Minimum Risk Exemption” qualification.

Pesticide Devices

Devices that are marketed to remove allergens such as dust, mold, fungus, or the ability to remove viruses or bacteria are considered pesticidal devices by the EPA.  Devices are required to be produced in a registered establishments.  The establishment number is required at the time of import. Amazon is also ensuring that all items being sold on Amazon are appropriately registered.   

Individual states require registration or notification of each device intended for sale within that state.  Unlike the Federal EPA, individual state Departments of Agriculture charge for this registration process.  

We have successfully registered many products with the EPA and all 50 States, including COVID-19 related claims. We can register your product and walk you through this complex process and ensure your product is compliant and registered.

EPA Establishment Registration

All products which make claims regulated by the EPA must be produced in an EPA Registered Establishment.  This includes foreign and domestic producers of either chemical pesticides or pesticidal devices. The EPA does not charge for registration of an establishment but does require a legal U.S. Agent as part of the process.  And more importantly this registration must be completed prior to import and sale or the products risk refusal of entry into the United States of America.

US EPA Agent Services

As part of the foreign establishment registration the EPA requires a resident individual or Entity to act as an agent point of contact.  We can help register any foreign establishment and act as agent on their behalf.  Please contact us to learn more.

Product registration

Chemical products that eliminate odor causing bacteria, kill viruses or bacteria, and chemical insect repellants all require not only Establishment registration but product approval registration from the EPA.  This is a data intensive process with the EPA.  The registrant must show efficacy as well as safety both from human toxicity and environmental impact.  This process can take many months to years until completion.  Please contact us to see how we can help you through this process.

Minimum Risk Exemption

Not all chemical products require certification, review or registration with the EPA.  Many of the products which we think of as “Natural insect repellants” are actually known as Minimum Risk Pesticides.  

These types of pesticides are not required to be registered, however, there are very stringent labeling and ingredient requirements that must be met.  In order to qualify for this exemption formulations are limited to the EPA allowable chemicals and other permitted ingredients.  We can help review and advise on your products compliance under the exemption.  Contact us to learn more.