There are different types of audits for companies that adhere to best practice and need to demonstrate reasonable care to Customs, we can help you with all of them. 

Audits are not solely for large companies, small companies benefit from internal reviews as much or more than large established firms. Audits spot areas of potential risk and identify areas where you can create cost-efficiencies.

We have provided audit services to multi-billion dollar companies.  We conduct interviews, provide detailed reports, stake holder presentations, and action plans.  Providing you with a complete plan to ensure compliance.  We customize these audits to fit your specific needs and requirements.

Broker Entry

As the importer of record you are responsible for any errors that your Customs Broker makes.  It is best practice to audit entries on a regular basis, to ensure proper classification, value declaration, and shipment information.

We can help by auditing the entries for errors and omissions. We determine how accurate your broker is and what issues you may be facing from US Customs.



Importers who are looking to expand their internal controls and SOP’s are always on the forefront of compliance.  

Internal audits can help you stay ahead of employee training deficits, customs infractions, and are vital if you want to join some of the voluntary US Customs programs such as ISA (Importer Self-Assessment) or accelerated drawback.  

We can advise you on your internal controls, draft them for you or conduct an audit and provide a detailed report about your importing activities.   

Supply Chain Audit

Reviewing shipping routes and carriers can help you find savings in money and time.  

We can analyze your shipping routes to help maximize speed to market and cost savings.   

We can review your load plans, port pair selections, warehouse locations and fulfillment; identifying areas that can be improved. 

Let us know when and where you are shipping and we can help you negotiate the best rates and service to met the needs of your business.